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In the western world, cardiovascular disease still is one of the most prevalent causes for morbidity and overall mortality. Our research programme aims to enhance our knowledge concerning atherothrombosis and heart failure in order to improve therapeutic options for these disorders.

> Mission and Objectives <

The two lines of research (atherothrombosis and heart failure) include the whole spectrum from basic to clinical activities. The research is done at various levels of complexity ranging from health care in general, to population and prevention, patient care, experimental work on animals, cell biology and using molecular techniques as proteomics and genomics.

Within the theme Atherothrombosis, research is aimed to enhance knowledge concerning vascular remodeling, plaque vulnerability, relevance of toll-like receptors, coagulation, arteriogenesis, thrombogenicity of platelets and protein misfolding. The theme Heart Failure focuses on understanding the pathophysiology of and signals responsible for cardiac adaptation processes leading to ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure, arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. Complementary integrative research is conducted on inherited and acquired diseases related to heart and kidney with an emphasis on the consequences of aging for the progression of the disease.

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