Sophisticated laboratory techniques in cardiovascular research (3 EC)


With the development, improvement and increased availability of laboratory techniques, more and more techniques become accessible for every researcher. A lot of these techniques are generally applicable in a wide range of research fields, e.g. RT-PCR, use of siRNAs to silence gene expression, etc. Others are more specific, e.g. using the Langendorff set up to study heart function, or flow measurements in arteries.

    The aim of this course is to make PhD students familiar with sophisticated laboratory techniques. The focus will be on techniques that are used in cardiovascular research, but the course is not limited to this field. During the course a number of relatively new techniques will be discussed, and techniques that have been used for quite some time, but are still developing by improvement in quality and availability.


Ten different techniques will be discussed in the course. Topics that will be addressed in this course are the luminex-multiplex technique, applicability of LAMA antibodies, gene expression regulation by miRNAs, bioluminescence, in vivo life imaging, proteomics, sequencing, flow cytometry and cell sorting, electron microscopy, Langendorff hearts for electrocardiography measurements, etc.


The course will be given in English. During this course, experts in their fields will give lectures in which they will 1) focus on the technical aspects and theoretical background of a certain laboratory technique; and 2) discuss how this technique has been, or might be applied in cardiovascular research. The course consists of 10 weekly lectures and participation in this course will not (or minimally) interfere with the regular activities of students, lecturers and teachers. To qualify for the certificate and 3 EC, participants must attend all lectures and complete all assignments satisfactorily. Attendance will be registered.

Number of participants

Maximum 20 per course. All PhD students can register, however if more than 20 persons register, the organization reserves the right to make a selection.


No charge for registered PhD students.

Course coordinators

Imo Hoefer, MD, PhD (UMC Utrecht, Dept. Experimental Cardiology, Division Heart and Lungs); E-mail:; Tel. + (31) 88 7557155

Saskia de Jager, PhD (UMC Utrecht, Dept. Experimental Cardiology, Division Heart and Lungs); E-mail:; Tel. +(31) 88 7557155