Jongbloed seminars

Jongbloed seminars: 5 seminars = 0.5 EC; max. 1.5 EC total

The Cardiovascular Research programme facilitates every year a number of lectures, given by (inter)national specialists, on diverse cardiovascular topics.

Do you know the name of a great speaker you would like to see at our Jongbloed meetings? Then contact the programme coordinator and nominate a speaker yourself ! !

 Past Jongbloed seminars:

  • 2019
    • March 4, prof. dr. M. Conte (UCSF Heart & Vascular Center, University of California San Francisco): “Research and therapeutic strategies on peripheral limb artery disease”;
    • January 10, dr. S. van der Laan (Division DLAB, UMC Utrecht): “Finding putative therapeutic targets for atherosclerotic disease through human genetics”;

  • 2018
    • December 6, dr. J. van Setten (Department of Cardiology, UMC Utrecht): “Genetic mismatches between heart and transplant donors and recipients”;
    • November 1, dr. A. Smits (Leiden University Medical Center): “Unlocking the full potential of the epicardium to repair the injured heart”;
    • June 14, dr. J. Joles (Department of Nephrology & Hypertension, UMC Utrecht): “From observation to translation: a mechanistic route”;
    • May 3, prof. dr. G. Rinkel (Department of Neurology, UMC Utrecht): “Unruptured intracranial aneurysms”;
    • April 5, prof. dr. F. Broekmans (Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology, UMC Utrecht): “Reproductive vascular ageing: the endless story of the chicken and the egg”;
    • February 1, dr. A. van der Meer (Univeristy of Twente): “Organs-on-Chips: “Advanced in vitro models for human physiology and disease”;
    • January 9, prof. dr. R. Masereeuw (Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Utrecht University);

  • 2017
    • November 2, Dr. P. Gründeman (Department of (Experimental) Cardiology, UMC Utrecht): “Jongbloed: from pilot to founder of cardiac surgery in the Netherlands”;
    • October 5, Dr. P. Blankestijn (Department of Nephrology, UMC Utrecht): “Renal denervation for treatment of hypertension: dead or alive?”;
    • May 4, Prof. dr. P. Doevendans (Department of Cardiology, UMC Utrecht): “The stem cell mystery”;
    • March 2, Dr. Toon van Veen (Department of Medical Physiology, UMC Utrecht): “Cardiac remodeling, fibrosis, and arrhythmogenisis in the diseased heart”;
    • February 9, Dr. D. Pijnappels (Department of Experimental Cardiology, Leiden UMC): “Biological defibrillation”;

  • 2016
    • December 1, Dr. R. Caballero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain): “New paradigms in cardiac ion channels”;
    • September 1, Dr. R. Inagi (Division of Chronic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology, University of Tokyo): “Chronic kidney disease and kidney aging in super-aging society”;
    • July 7, Dr. Fatih Arslan (Department of Cardiology, UMC Utrecht): “A student’s research potential & entrepreneurship – it’s all about taking responsibility and “mojo baby”;
    • April 7, Prof. dr. Harold van Rijen (Center for Research and Development of Education, UMC Utrecht): “Blended learning in biomedical education”;
    • March 3, Dr. Hester den Ruijter (Department of Experimental Cardiology, UMC Utrecht): “Sex and gender in cardiovascular disease”;
    • February 4, Dr. Gudruun Antoons (Department of Physiology, Maastricht University): “Towards a better understanding of intracellular Ca2+ and arrhythmias in the heart”.


  • 2015
    • October 15, Prof. Dr. Fredrik Palm (Uppsala University, Sweden): “Hypoxia and chronic kidney disease”;
    • July 2, Dr. Lukas Kapitein (Department of Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, University Utrecht): “Light microscopy 2.0: super-resolution microscopy and optogenetics”;
    • June 4, Dr. Nele Vandersickel (University of Gent, Belgium): “Spiral waves and computer modeling”;
    • May 7, Dr. Thomas Jespersen (Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark): “Antiarrhytmic mechanisms of SK channel inhibition in treatment of atrial fibrillation”;
    • March 5, Dr. Ynte Ruigrok (Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, UMC Utrecht): “Genetic risk factors and biomarkers for intracranial aneurysms”;
    • February 5, Dr. Niels Voigt (Institute of Pharmacology, University Duisburg-Essen): “Dysfunctional cellular calcium handling in patients with atrial fibrillation”;
    • January 8, Dr. Tim Takken (Child Development & Excercise Center, WKZ Utrecht): “Clinical excercise testing in pediatrics”.


  • 2014
    • December 4, Dr. Teun de Boer (Department of Medical Physiology, UMC Utrecht): “Cardiac cellular physiology”;
    • September 4, Prof. Jacques de Bakker (Department of Experimental Cardiology, AMC Amsterdam): “Invasive and non-invasive detection of the electrical activity of the heart”;
    • June 5, Dr. Rolf Urbanus (Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology, UMC Utrecht): “Autoimmune thrombophilia – when the trash collector runs amok”;
    • May 1, Prof. Roger Adan (Department of Pharmacology and Anatomy, UMC Utrecht): “A role for the brain in metabolic syndrome”;
    • April 10, Dr. Ivana Išgum (Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht): “Automatic cardiovascular risk assessment with CT”;
    • February 5, Prof. Godfrey Smith (University of Glasgow, Scotland): “The impact of an infarct on electrophysiology of the heart: studies on a rabbit model of myocardial infarction”;
    • January 9, Prof. Michiel Bots (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands): “Utrecht cardiovascular cohort“.


  • 2013
    • December 5, Dr. Marcel van der Heyden (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands): “Development of inward rectifier current inhibitors: why and how?”;
    • November 7, Dr. Heleen van Beusekom (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands): “A history of stent and stent analysis, from BMS to BVS”;
    • October 2, Dr. Gary Mirams (University of Oxford, United Kingdom): “Simulation as a tool for assessing and understanding drug-induced pro-arrhythmic risk”;
    • September 5, Dr. Brenda Kwak (Université de Geneve, Switserland): “Endothelial gap junctions are regulated by eNOS and shear stress: possible implications for atherosclerosis development”;
    • June 6, Dr. Thomas Thum (Hannover Medical School, Germany): “MicroRNA’s as epigenetic modifiers and paracrine regulators”;
    • May 2, Dr. Maarten Koenders (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands): “A breath of fresh air: measuring oxygen in diseased kidneys”;
    • April 4, Prof. Peter Lenting (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, Paris, France): “In vivo models to investigate von Willebrand factor structure-function relationships”;
    • March 7, Prof. Aroon Hingorani (Institute of Cardiovascular Science, London United Kingdom): “Translating genomics into improved healthcare”;
    • February 7, Dr. Eric Duckers (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands): “Genetic regulation of microvessel formation in the atherosclerotic plaque; the various faces of plaque neoangiogenesis”;
    • January 3, Dr. Saskia de Jager (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands): “Innate immune responses in atherosclerosis”.


  • 2012
    • December 6, Dr. Manuel Mayr (King’s College London, United Kingdom): “Surfing the data tsunami of postgenomic technologies”.