Innovations in clinical cardiovascular medicine (3 EC)

Goal and content

From bench to bedside sounds like the ideal research that brings an idea based on any need in the clinic, via experiments at the bench in the lab, into the clinic. A new research line often starts in the clinic, after a discussion about possible improvements and necessary developments in tools or techniques. In recent years some of these ‘wild’ ideas really made it into the everyday clinic routine of cardiology.

The aim of this course is to show PhD candidates that daily measurements and routines in the clinical cardiology department nowadays, once started with an idea of possible improvement and /or experiments at the bench. It is often in the clinic, right next to the patient that research questions rise. This course will bring the researcher in contact with the clinical needs and most recent improvements in the clinical cardiology and technology.


The course will be given in English. The course will exist of 10 theoretical lectures and in addition there will be three visits to the 1) cath-lab; 2) operation room; 3) outpatient clinic or radiology department or echocardiography laboratory. The participants will prepare for the lectures by reading a landmark paper covering the topics. And they will write a small report about their clinical visits. To qualify for the certificate and 3 EC, participants must attend all lectures and complete all assignments satisfactorily. Attendance will be registered.

Number of participants

Maximum 16 per course. All PhD students can register, however if more than 16 persons register, the organization reserves the right to make a selection.


No charge for registered PhD students.

Course coordinator

Steven Chamuleau, MD, PhD, UMC Utrecht, Dept. of Cardiology, Division Heart and Lungs; Email:; Tel. +(31) 88 7559832.