Cardiovascular courses (min. 40% EC)

Cardiovascular specific education is offered in seminars, (international) symposia, PhD retreats and courses. Of these the Jongbloed seminars, one PhD retreat, one cardiovascular-specific course organized by the Cardiovascular Research programme itself and one course organized by the Dutch Heart Foundation are compulsory for PhD candidates of the Cardiovascular Research programme.

  • Seminars
    • Jongbloed seminars (monthly from September-June; 5 seminars = 0.5 EC; max. 1.5 EC total; registration via attendance list)
    • Regenerative Medicine floor meetings (weekly from September-June; 1.5 EC for a 4-year PhD track)
    • Research colloquia Cardiology (weekly from September-June; 10 seminars = 0.5 EC; max. 3.0 EC total; registration via attendance list)
    • Other seminars after consultation of the programme coordinator

  • (International) symposia (max. 20% EC)
    • Scientific meetings of professional associations
    • Symposia during scientific congresses

  • PhD retreats
    • 1 day per retreat (0.3 EC per day)


  • External courses
    • Courses organized by professional associations:
      • Winter school of Dutch Nephrology Association
      • Thrombosis and Hemostasis by Dutch Atherosclerotic Society
      • Etc.
    • Courses organized by other research institutes on cardiovascular research (COEUR, CARIM, etc.)
    • Dutch Heart Foundation courses (Cardiac function & adaptation, Atherosclerosis & thrombosis, Vascular biology; each 1.5 EC)



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