Cardiovascular education (min. 40% EC)

Cardiovascular education is offered to PhD candidates by the Cardiovascular Research programme itself or by other sources through seminars, events or courses. In order to apply for the training certificate of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, PhD candidates registered with the Cardiovascular Research Programme should have demonstrably followed an appropriate mixture of the following cardiovascular education:

  • Cardiovascular seminars (e.g. Jongbloed seminars, Research Colloquia Cardiology)
  • PhD retreat(s) of the Cardiovascular Research programme
  • PhD course(s) organized by the Dutch Heart Foundation
  • PhD course(s) organized by the Cardiovascular Research programme
  • Other cardiovascular education at the appropriate level


Below examples of these educational items, together with the number of credits, are described in more detail:

  • Cardiovascular seminars
    • Jongbloed seminars (monthly from September-June; 5 seminars = 0.5 EC; max. 1.5 EC total; registration via attendance list)
    • Research Colloquia Cardiology (weekly from September-June; 10 seminars = 0.5 EC; max. 3.0 EC total; registration via attendance list)
    • Other seminars after consultation of the programme coordinator
  • Cardiovascular events
    • AIOS course Vascular Medicine (2-day event = 0.6 EC)
    • PhD retreats of the Cardiovascular Research Programme (1 day per retreat = 0.3 EC)
  • Dutch Heart Foundation courses
    • Cardiac Function & Adaptation (1.5 EC)
    • Vascular Biology & Pathology (1.5 EC)
    • Next Level Cardiovascular Course (0.6 EC; for senior PhD students and junior postdocs)
  • Other cardiovascular courses
    • Courses organized by other research institutes on cardiovascular research (COEUR, CARIM, etc.)
    • If not followed before, courses of the Utrecht University Biomedical Sciences master programme
      • Cardiovascular Epidemiology (3.0 EC)
      • Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine (3.0 EC)
      • Biomolecular and Cellular Cardiology (3.0 EC)
      • Cardiovascular Immunology (3.0 EC)
      • etc.


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