Elective courses (max. 40% EC)

PhD candidates Cardiovascular Research may choose courses organized by other PhD programmes of the Utrecht University Graduate School of Life Sciences, or by other universities in the Netherlands or abroad.

Choice is made in consultation with supervisors and programme coordinator.

Repair of deficiencies

After consultation with supervisors and programme coordinator, deficiencies may be repaired by participating in courses of master programmes like:

  • Biomolecular and cellular cardiology (Master Biology of Disease; 3 EC)
    • Molecular and cellular approaches applied in the study of the healthy and diseased heart. Subjects: alterations in microRNA expression, Ca2+ regulation and adrenergic signaling in cardiac disease. Moreover, the molecular basis of arrhythmias and the role of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) will be featured as well.
    • Application: M.F.A.Bierhuizen@umcutrecht.nl

  • Cardiovascular immunology (Master Biology of Disease; 3 EC)
    • In this course the role of the innate and adaptive immune system in vascular disease and the consequences of vascular disease are studied. The potential future role of immune modulation to prevent primary and secondary manifestations of vascular occlusive disease is discussed.
    • Application: utrecht.cardioresearch@umcutrecht.nl