Mission and Objectives

Mission statement

The programme aims to challenge PhD candidates to gain more in-depth knowledge of  cardiovascular research. In a multidisciplinary setting PhD candidates participate in research and in meetings, symposia and courses, a.o. on (patho)physiology of heart and vessels. Subjects include thrombotic aspects, methodology including animal models, valorisation and regenerative medicine. Via this, PhD candidates are offered the opportunity to explore the area from the level of molecular biology to patient care. Besides theoretical education the programme aims to train academic researchers who are familiar with exceeding the limits of their own project.


After completion of the programme, the PhD candidate:

  • has profound knowledge of cardiac and vascular diseases and disease mechanisms;
  • is able to communicate and to collaborate with peers and other scientists in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • can operate independently;
  • can formulate new research questions and write grant proposals;
  • is able to communicate with the broad scientific community on an academic level, and with the general public;
  • will have insight into the various possibilities to develop his/her career according to personal interests.